Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Anchee Min, is a Chinese writer who lived in China during the cultural revolution (which she was a fervent supporter of) After the death of Mao she fell from grace and lived a "quiet life" for many years until she migrated to the US and wrote the bestseller Red Azalea

I'm buying this book from Amazon, because just like Anchee Min I spent most of my childhood and youth in love with The Revolution™.
The idea that the working classes (which my parents and grand-parents came from) should rise up and free themselves from oppression and capitalist slavery and then create a new world based on the Truth: Communism - seemed very appealing to me.
In the 1970's and 80's I was definitely not alone having views like that, but now that the Eastern bloc has collapsed and the former People's Democratic Monarchy of Denmark has converted from welfare socialism to welfare liberalism, I of course have to keep my mouth shut, getting gang-banged by converters willing to show the new flag is never much fun.
And then; Even if you filter out the worst "we won the cold war" propaganda, it's obvious that Communism didn't create a new and better world, but just re-cycled ancient old recipes for oppressive societies.

So what do I do in the brave new world, then, start my own web business?...
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