Monday, December 18, 2006


I've always been fascinated by the shopping mall in my old hometown, Jyllinge.
It included the mural seen in the photo which represents the town's only art in a public space.

Back in my early teens I sometimes went to the local mall in the evening. I dont know what I was looking for because I never met anyone.
There was a grill there but I was afraid of getting anywhere near it because the kids who hung out there were moped riding proto-bikers and they would usually shout abuse at me or bark some kind of threat. Just the usual domineering territorial fascism that seems to make up the main mental framework of this wonderfull breed of people.

Most of them went on to become career-bikers with The Bandidos™, run the local hardwareshop, earn a fortune as carpenters or bricklayers, or take over an auto repair shop from uncle or daddy.

In other words,


And they knew it.

Podcast At the mall
Retro babe
Panzer Panther, Ausf G
A command version of the Panther, distinguisable by the star shaped antenna on the rear deck and the extra antenna on the turret roof.
The full integration of radio communications between regiment and divisional commanders and the individual tanks, were one of the reasons for the early successes of the Panzerwaffe. Officers in the British armoured forces had to receive orders for attack in writing while their German colleagues simply got them over the radio, and in the early part of the war with The Soviet Union the Russian tankers fighting in the T-34 had to rely on the use of signal flags because not enough radios were around .
Not my people
Not my war

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