Saturday, January 06, 2007


Visited my friend Hans and watched Hustle and Flow a great film about the highs and lows of a black pimp in Memphis, USA who decides to move up (or down?..) in life and become a rapper. There are outstanding performances from a largely unknown group of actors (and Isaac Hayes) and the black southern slang spoken in the movie is hilarious, especially during the (frequent) quarreling between the pimp and his troupe of "bitches" (you'll understand the double meaning of that word after watching this film...)
Hustle and Flow also has a great conversation between the pimp and his new partner in music (the soundman at the local church with a bitching wife) they talk about the classic subject of "talk-the-talk/ walk-the-walk"

A: Yeah, youze know abaoutta "talk the talk or walk the walk" right?
B: what youze saying, brutha?
A: Ah's saying that some niggaz, theyze good at talking, they talk alla the time...
B: uh-hmm...
A: But some niggaz, theyze don't do a lot of talking, cuz theyze too busy WALKING, you see?
B: uh-hmm...and youze saying?
A: Ah's saying; that some niggaz talk the talk, but they don't always walk the walk...
B: Yeah, I gets that brutha, but where does that put youze?
A: I'm the kinda nigga they talk into doing the walking FO' them..."

Retro babe
Panzer Pzkpfw I
An offical photo realeased before WWII showing off the new military might of Germany. In reality the "Panzer eins" was just a lightly armoured vehicle carrying twin MG34 machineguns, which made it effective against concentrations of enemy infantry but not of much use against "real" tanks like the French Char 1b, the British "Matilda" or the Russian T34.
Not my people
Not my war

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