Wednesday, February 28, 2007


After I finished high school (1985) I worked at a hospital. In the evening I would go out "jogging", as exercising by going for a run was referred to back then. Contracy to the fashion trends of the era I didn't wear a pink headband and matching wristbands or lime green spandex leotards, but I did carry a Walkman.
I usually listened to Suicide because of the monotonous but rhythmic qualities of their music, good for setting the pace when running. I usually ran for about fifteen minutes.
One evening something came over me; I felt a strange surge of energy and instead of doing my normal routine I ran all the way into town and back again (I still lived with my parents on the outskirts of town) I felt no exhaustion during the trip where I covered at least twice the distance I normally would, I was flowing on willpower and enthusiasm! and the music of Suicide pumping in my ears, driving , moving , pushing.

The funny thing was; I only did that once, afterwards I would just do my normal round.

(and the point is, Lennard?)

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