Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Back in 1991 when I bought my first Mac I discovered a quaint little computer game called Glider.

In Glider you had to steer a paper airplane through a series of rooms inside a house. Along the way you could pick up extra power, extra planes, gain points etc.

The cool thing was that the plane got energy from passing over a source of air, usually a ventilation hole in the floor, keeping the plane in the air was the challenge. You also had to avoid landing on tables (then you died) fly into lamps, into falling drops of water, etc.

Glider was an amazingly charming and fun game to play, and one of the things that made it great was the lo-fi black and white artwork of the game (a colour version was later released) The game was written by John Calhoun who was (and still is) a software developer for Apple.

Somehow I had the feeling there was a hidden story underneath it all, books on bookshelves in some of the rooms would have "Wizard of Oz" or "Lewis Carol" written on them, and the rooms would often have somewhat cryptic titles like "What goes up" referring to the problem which had to be solved in order to pass through the room

Well, maybe I was just a confused art student, but in my mind back them, this game was both poetic and philosophical which was an unusual experience for me as most other games I'd played was of the BLAST! K-POW! type where you just blew up stuff and went to the next level (containing more stuff to blow up...)

I was so fascinated by the world of Glider that I created a small cartoon based on it back in 1994, this could be done because Glider came with a built-in editor for creating your own rooms.

- Check out a fan page
- Read an interview with John Calhoun
...or play Glider as a Flash game (this is the later colorized version, not as cool as the original B/W in my opinion)
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