Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Blast from the past on YouTube? in the movie Totem, a 1984 documentary about the post-punk subculture in Denmark (in this movie that means: Copenhagen) I believe to see myself in a crowd at a concert, go to time 8:32 and watch for the guy in a grey shirt turning in the background..

I remember attending a concert in Saltlageret (yes, torn down long ago) where it was announced that there would be "filming for use in a movie" When I was there I remember a punk coming through the door (the place was of course loaded with people) and crying out with the most pretentious, hammy, voice he could find: "UUUH, WHEEEERE is the film crew!" parodying how most of us probably felt, but few dared to admit. We all laughed when he said that.

I think this episode is interesting because back then I was living isolated in a small town miles from Copenhagen, and I 'll bet a lot of the other people at the concert came from the various suburbs surrounding Copenhagen, where four or five of them made up the local punk establishment.

Going to a concert was one of the few ways to exist, meaning that if other people saw you, not as a weird dressing freak (a non existence), but as a "normal" person in the sense that you looked and acted like they did, making you socially acceptable.

Getting caught on film meant that you just entered another visual representation besides reality, and by that extended the group of people you could exist with, (meaning the people who would later see the movie)
this was a bit like what sites like YouTube does today - give people a reality to exist in.

- six seconds of fame and a new bike, what a week!

And now, nemesis?...

What's up at YouTube: Totem
Retro babe
Panzer Tiger I
A late version with steel rimmed wheels in a bomb crater in Italy.
Not my people
Not my war

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