Saturday, March 17, 2007


Finally got round to watching Art school confidential, which unfortunately was a mixed experience. The movie starts well, delivering an insightful and very funny peek into the world of Art schools, and modern Art. But half way through it gets involved with a rather silly plot about some cops looking for a serial killer, plus way too much time is spent on some rather lame talk about love and painting.
Nothing wrong with these subjects, of course, but the movie is so much better when it sticks to the same raw cynicism as the modern Art scene itself, and uses it to slash, well; The modern Art scene...
My favourite scene is when a former student at the Art school, now a big art star, returns to give a lecture at the school. Behaving like a monster asshole he not only openly admits to being a monster asshole, but also explains how that works fine with the ethos of Art: The purpose of a great artist is to be: A great Artist, and by behaving like the a...hole he is, he's simply being honest and we all like the truth don't we?...

Watch the movie for the first half, and then go and read Clowes original cartoon which is much more fun, and if you've already done that, read this interview

Daniel Clowes, another great man ruined by the lure of tinseltown???

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