Monday, March 26, 2007


I own a bank.

I invest in a building and construction company.

The company builds houses and apartments.

Someone wants a place to stay (a sensible alternative to sleeping on the streets)

They can buy one of my company's houses.

The houses are expensive.

The can take out a loan in my bank.

If they take a "one hundred years loan" the monthly payments are manageable, even for a young couple or singles.

But they will of course never own their place.

My bank will own their place.

But they will have the responsibilities of owners.

If something needs fixing, they have to get it fixed, and pay for it.

They can always borrow money from my bank.

I own a bank

I am happy.

Retro babe
Panzer Tiger II
An unusually clear representation of the hard edged "ambush" camouflage scheme painted on Tiger II's from late 1944 and untill the end of WWII.

Not my people
Not my war

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