Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Most of the people I overhear discussing the clearing of Ungdomshuset talk about how fed up they are with the squatters and how well the Police handled the situation.

People laugh at the fact that the squatters were still asleep when the police arrived at 7 am (that's when most ordinary people are on their feet to put the kids to school, enter their cars to pendle to work, boot up the computer to read the first e-mails, etc, etc)
People laugh at the fact that the Police served food from Mac Donald's to the squatters who were put in detention (the police spokesman stated that there was nothing political about it, they simply served what was available)

Maybe the overworked, overpaid, over housed, overfed, over mortgaged, overstimulated, overpriced, overall Danes are in bad need of a laugh?

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Some Hetzers left behind after the fighting in Czech lands, May 1945.
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