Wednesday, March 14, 2007


There I was, crossing the street, pulling my bike with tree filled shopping bags hanging from the handles.
A guy in white workman's clothes on a moped is behind me, and as he passes me he shouts "get the fuck out of my way you idiot!" I turn and just manage to kick my leg and hit his left blinker.

He stops a few yards from me, turns and get off the moped. I look straight at him, straightening my back, pushing my chest out, feeling nothing.
His eyes are full of hate, he starts shouting at me "don't you fucking kick me!" and I answer "don't you fucking shout at me, I was just crossing the street!"
"Whattaya want! whattaya want!" he begins, stretching out his arms, and again without feeling anything I ask him "what do YOU want?" stretching out my arms too, still looking him straight in the eyes,
He backs off, mounts his moped and drive away.

But what was at play here? did he back off because I was calm, collected, have a muscular body, agreeable features which could be called both rugged and intellectual, a good sense of humour plus a steady job (photographs will be mailed only to serious inquiries:

Or was it that he realised he was a bit out there, I mean: I was pulling a heavy burden on my bike, and as I explained to him, just crossing the street - what was he doing shouting at me like that?

Maybe it was both, or he just realised he didn't want to stir up trouble on some lame Tuesday afternoon on his way home from work.

Hmm, his work...could that have anything to do with it?...

nah...we Danes love to work.

What's up at YouTube: High noon performed by Frankie Lane
Retro babe
Panzer Panther, Ausf G
Blown up in the Czech republic, May 1945.
Dramatic damage like this was more often the result of explosives placed by the Panzer's own crew than actual fighting. When Hungary's oilfields at lake Balaton were occupied by Soviet forces in March 1945, Germany's war machine no longer had access to fuel production based on natural resourses. This meant that many of the panzers still left on the battle fields would run out of fuel and had to be destroyed to avoid capture.
Not my people
Not my war

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