Saturday, March 10, 2007


Visited the place where Ungeren stood for the first time after the clearing.
A truly weird experience since I was inside the place having a beer in the bar just a few months ago...

I really don't want to forget this one, how the f... could that happen?

And all the political and media bullshit about "...Copenhagen needs a place for these youths who can't fit in"...

Can't fit in where? to me it's just people who party in a different way than the consumer drugged mainstream, creating your own party instead of going to some lame overpriced disco - that makes you a misfit and a treath to society?

Playing your own music instead of buying the useless cardboard dribble thrown at you from every corner of our culture to keep some dinosaur record companies in business, - this makes you a subversive element?

Obviously it does! if our society was mainly about production and consumerism, but OUR society is all about freedom and democracy! and openness, right? and those values are important, right? so important we go to WAR to defend them, right?

And throwing rocks at a large group of uniformed people who are moving in your direction wearing helmets and carrying shields (and sidearms with live ammunition) is not war or self defence, that's terrorism.

And to keep it all real for the good citizens of The Dream Society©™, the recent rioting in the streets has placed Copenhagen higher on the list of "cool places to go" because the riots are good storytelling...

I want that too! - here's my list of places with excellent storytelling:

Hiroshima - Wow, talk about city renewal!
Auschwitz - Maybe it WAS a hoax, I mean; where are all the dead bodies???
Baghdad - Don't buy street food - the street might blow up on you.
Afghanistan - Directions? let's ask the guy next to the crucified musicians, he looks friendly.

What's up at YouTube? Ungeren is still alive, 9-3-07
Retro babe
Panzer Sdkfz 222
Abandoned in Czech lands, 1945.
Not my people
Not my war

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