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Well, I can't seem to leave old Ungdomshuset behind just like that, especially since the media is full of pictures and movies of the riots following the clearing.

As I've mentioned yesterday, the mentality of left-wing radicalism is a problem for me, because twenty years ago I was myself in a riot following a demo arranged by people from ungdomshuset which cost me a night in jail. During that night I had the chance to talk to people who were really part of the BZ movement (as squatters were known in Denmark) and to me it was clear that most of them were adrenalin crazed from fighting the police and that was a big part of their involvement.

People who spent years within the movement would disagree and call me a fascist, bourgeois pig, etc, etc but my problem with the whole BZ movement is the fact that if they really wanted to be a revolutionary movement they should make friends with "the people" something all true revolutionaries have stated countless times: The people is the water the revolution swims in.

The sad fact is that a lot of people living in the same neighbourhood as Ungdomshuset are fed up with the rioting, generally don't like people who dress funny, and mainly care about getting their kids safely to and from school and kindergarten. It might make them bourgeois pigs sucking the dick of oppression, but since none of them are starving or being trown in concentration camps for not saluting the flag, do they really need a revolution?!?!?

I saw some good and funny things at Ungdomshuset, rioting skinheads being calmed down by a whole group of people chanting "no violence" (instead of a group of bouncers throwing trouble makers out on the street as would be the normal club or venue procedure) or dancing the can-can to punk rock, or the punk band City-X playing a brilliant revival concert a few years back.

Personally I find it hard to understand that a relatively small group of twenty year olds can't have access to just one worn out old building in Copenhagen especially since they run the whole place entirely by themselves, no expensive social workers, no multi-million restoration and special shower rooms for all ethnic groups represented, etc, etc.

But maybe that's the heart of the matter; Our present society has a big problem handling autonomy like that found at Ungdomshuset, because it could lead to a question: If self-government could actually work - who needs the government?...

I think few governments would want their citizens to ask questions like that, and working examples of how that could be done would have to be removed before they started spreading the idea too far.

Goodbye Ungeren, and if you start a new place somewhere don't help your enemies by acting like idiots, let them them be the idiots, it's their only talent.

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