Friday, April 13, 2007


The cartoonist, artiste and more, Gary Panter is a zesty crossover figure linking the LA punk scene of the eighties with the second generation underground comics scene of the nineties, and today he's on the contemporary art gallery circuit.
He also operates a very nice blog

(ah, zhose Americains - so energetic!)

What's up at YouTube: Genie Junkie
(Gary Panter is credited here but I don't know for sure about that, good fun)
Retro babe
Panzer 15 cm sIG 33 auf Pzkpfw Ib
One of the early attempts by the Panzerwaffe at creating some mobile armoured artillery by mounting the entire SiG 33 artillery piece (complete with carriage and wheels) behind a lightly armoured shield on a Pzkpfw I chassis.
Not my people
Not my war

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