Friday, April 27, 2007


Over the years The Danish People's Party (not my people) have taken more and more voters from what used to be Denmark's largest political party: The Social Democrats.

This has to some extent made the Social Democrats more a bit more to the right, especially regarding issues of immigration and the Danish Muslims.

Still, Social Democratic leaders scorn the frequent racist statements of The DPP, and say that political cooperation between the two in a Danish government will never happen.

But as the old saying goes, "politics make strange bed fellows" and most Danes would like to hang on to the socialistic concepts that forms the basis of the well fare state (including the high taxes), but are fearful of globalisation and Islam.

At the same time there is this search for "Danish core values" the values that make up the mental and cultural framework of Denmark, the values that we Danes are prepared to stand up and fight for, the principles we will NOT bargain with!

Now, imagine that all of this could cause the two parties to eventually merge into just ONE party and create a super party that would have the majority in the Danish parliament, and the support of most Danish voters.

But what kind of government would we get then?,

-The Danish people's party is strongly nationalistic,
-The Social Democrats have of course based a lot of their politics on Socialism,

Nationalism + socialism, makes....

National socialism.

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The Panzer III's are Ausf N's which carried the short 75 mm gun and were used for fire support and not direct assault, sometimes referred to as the Sturmpanzer III.
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