Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Religion is coming back in a big way, and besides taking care of difficult questions like "what is the meaning of it all?" and "what happens to me after I die?" a religion like Christianity also delivers a seamless integration with the current world order of market capitalism, since it has one big thing in common with economic liberalism: People aren't (and shouldn't be) equal...

Because Christianity divide all we mortals into believers and non-believers, meaning that if you accept (and submit to) God, you will go to Heaven and enjoy a life of eternal bliss, but if you DON'T, you are stopped at the pearly gates and sent downstream to an eternity of torture and pain in the company of bubba Satan.
And you deserve it, you Godless infidel!

Basically we are all born as worthless, scum sucking sinners and have to earn our way to that penthouse in the sky. Sweating our brows from hard work is one of the best ways to get there, submitting humbly to a superior authority is also recommended, just as accepting certain rules and regulations as basic truths right from the mouth of Big Daddy, laws that cannot be tampered with.

And if you step out of line? KAZAM! a lightning bolt up you posterior...he's WATCHING...

With this frame of mind installed, you almost don't need old fashioned institutions like governments to push people around any more - They'll do it themselves and with a smile on their faces, because every day they are not just working to survive, they're saving up for that seat in Heaven, sitting right behind Jesus and Saint Peter, and with all expenses paid.

What a deal!

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Panzer Marder III
Industries producing some of the finest binoculars in the world was not of little importance to the German war effort on the endless plains in Russia or in the deserts of North Africa.
Not my people
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