Monday, April 02, 2007


Went a saw the movie 300, based on the comic book by Frank Miller and directed by Zack Snyder.

An awesome and fantastic depiction of the horrors of war in the ancient world, but also with the usual taste of the semi-fascist rhetoric's about honour, manhood, glory, etc, common to Sword and Sandal flicks.

In my opinion Ridley Scott's Gladiator is still the standard these films have to live up to, but 300 is a more fantastic film with memorable scenes of attacking warrior elephants, the special monster warriors the Persians bring to war and the scenes with the Persian King Xerxes who presents himself as a God (you could believe him)

This is contrasted by the Spartans who are living in a world of citizens rights, justice and the law, duty and service, and their king Leonidas who is in many ways equal to his fellow Spartans, since he relies on them standing next to him with their shields to form an unbreakable front in battle.

Worth seeing for sure, and if it's "toga and loincloth night" at your abode, why not throw in Kubrick's Spartacus, and Fellini's Satyricon as well before you finish off with every single episode of I, Claudius

What's up at YouTube: 300 movie trailer
Retro babe
Panzer Pzkpfw IV, Ausf H
A group of SS tankers and panzergrenadiers loading ammunition.
Not my people
Not my war

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