Friday, May 25, 2007


American illustrator Harold von Schmidt in his studio

A great collection of biographies of (mainly American) illustrators from the late nineteenth century and up until today.

When you read these biographies you discover that quite a few of the artists working for The Saturday Evening Post , Harper's Bazaar and Disney™, were European immigrants who forged a style of Art which had a huge influence on how America has defined and presented itself over the decades.

I find that very interesting considering my own country's ongoing negativity towards immigrants and their contribution to society.
Retro babe "...I know you're hungry when you come home from school, sweetums, but mummy really needed those new shoes, Ok?.."
Panzer Marder III
The trooper seems to be wearing the "(Allgemeines) Sturmabzeichen" on his jacket, normally awarded for the participation in an infantry attack on three different days. Since Marder III's were self-propelled artillery and not panzers their crews received this award instead of the "Panzerkampfabzeichen", a similar award for the crews of regular panzers.
Not my people
Not my war

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