Saturday, May 26, 2007


John Wayne 1907-1979 was born a hundred years ago today.

He was once asked about how he did his famous "walk" and replied: "I put one leg in front of the other..."

One of the big controversies in Wayne's life was the fact that he had personified the American war hero in countless films but had himself stayed away from military service in WWII. The main reason for Wayne's absense from the front lines seems to have been founded in the realisation that since many of the bigger stars joined the Armed forces and went overseas he had a better chance of getting noticed by studios and directors if he stayed in Hollywood.

My favourite John Wayne films: John Ford's They were expendable and
Howard Hawk's Rio Bravo
What's up at YouTube: Trailer for Rio Bravo
Retro babe "Alright girls I 've got my needles and ink ready; A rose, a butterfly and - Daffy Duck..."
Panzer Panzer IV
A moment of relaxation for the crew, of note are the rather small turret numbers.
Not my people
Not my war

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