Thursday, May 17, 2007


Such elegance, such charm, and kids loved him! (...)

An interesting web find HERE with a series of photographs taken in the mid 80's of people who were very close to Hitler, including Otto Günsche who was Hitler's bodyguard and the man who reportedly disposed of the dead bodies after Hitler and Eva Braun had committed suicide. After ten years in Russian POW camps Günsche returned to Germany in 1955 and worked as a businessman. Respected by his business associates as "a man of honour" he remained a follower of Hitler.


The photo I originally placed here for this posting was removed due to claims of copyright infringement so instead you get those nice postcards...

The photo of the respected businessman Herr Otto Günsche were taken by Herr Harry Von Gebhardt and you can check how he likes to present himself on the web here:

Herr Von Gebhard was kind enough to add comments like "he is a thief" and "big shit" to photos on my Flickr account, apparently as retaliation for my use of his copyrighted photo to which I had also added a speech bubble making fun of the late Herr Hitler.

I respect the laws regarding copyright, and since Herr Von Gebhardt had clearly stated on his website that the photos were copyrighted to him, I guess I am guilty of copyright violation, and have removed the photo.

I also had the pleasure of some insults by Herr Von Gebhardts friend from New York, "Frank"
Apparently he was offended by the fact that my Flickr profile lists that I am employed as a teacher, but also that I am "the classic masturbating recluse"...
I find that sort of thing amusing but my sense of humour didn't go well with "Frank" and a friend of mine remarked that in America a teacher is a person of authority who should set a positive example for the younger generation - he has to be "clean"

Consequently I have changed my profile details since I support the idea of respecting cultural differences in an global forum like the www.
An example of Franks own sense of humour can be seen at his Flickr account here

Well, to have right is not always the same as to be right,

in my opinion.

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A very spruce looking 251 with a group of officers.
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