Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sixty second anniversary of the defeat of the Hitlerite murderers in The Great Patriotic War.

The war between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia was the most brutal conflict in history costing Soviet Russia over twenty million lives (or 65% of Allied casualties in WWII)

It was fought over a front stretching more than 1200 miles from Northern Finland to the Black Sea. The areas in Soviet Russia affected by the fighting would see the destruction of all major cities (except Moskov), thousands of towns and villages and the majority of the infrastructure and factories.

The assault on Soviet Russia on June 22, 1941 was the largest invasion in history (the D-Day invasion of occupied Europe in 1944 by the Western allies was the largest sea-borne invasion in history) From this date and untill the formal surrender on May 9, 1945 the German war machine committed 75-80% of its resources, men and equipment, to the war on the Eastern front.

Tomorrow I'll be happy to discuss The Cold War, The KGB, Stalin, The Gulags, the raping af German civilians, Communism, Socialism, Afghanistan, Czechnya, bad teeth, bad cigarettes, bad vodka, bad architecture, uncool fashion, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,

Today I say we celebrate heroes, the majority of them people who probably weren't too happy about the above mentioned either, but unfortunately the events of their time presented them with only two options:

Win this war, or perish.

Since Hitler's divisions never entered the outskirts of Washington DC, fought in the ruins of Pittsburgh, besieged New York City or burned farmland in Kansas, I claim we must hand the major credit for defeating Nazism not to Tom Hanks or Glenn Miller, but to the peoples of the Soviet union.

Thank you.

What's up at YouTube: Victory parade, June 22 1945
(Narrated in Chinese...)
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Panzer Panzer IV, Ausf H
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