Thursday, June 14, 2007


Ernesto "Che" Guevara 1928-1967 would have been seventy nine years old today.

One of my personal heroes since adolescence, I even dreamed of walking in his footsteps and become a guerrilla in South America and went as far as attending a High school that could teach me Spanish. Severe illness in my late teens put an end to my dream, but I'll admit that perhaps it wasn't that realistic...

Of course Che and the famous photo of him by Alberto Korda have become modern day icons, and this quite literally as the expression on Guevara's face is reminiscent of the holy figures seen on Christian icon paintings.
Add to that the mans close visual resemblance to one famous Jew from Palestine plus the fact that the soldiers who shot Che also penetrated his legs with bullets and you have a mythology reaching far beyond that of the radical left-wing of the sixties.

There's plenty of information about Guevara available today if you're interested in getting a realistic view of the man and his times, filled with relevant and well researched criticism of him as a military commander, a revolutionary, a member of the Cuban government, a father, etc, etc.

To me that's all pretty irrelevant, to me he is a focal point of inspiration and I hang Korda's picture of him high on my bedroom wall - The classical hero, a poet-warrior and a modern man who cast off the shackles of mental, economic and social oppression and as a freed individual he set out to rid the world of injustices and terror, to create the New World.

That's why the photo and the legacy of Guevara is so powerful and inspiring, you look at Che gazing at something outside of the photo and imagine what he's seeing: He's seeing the future, the New World.

What's up at YouTube: Guevara on imperialism
Retro babe "..take that! - Borrowed my new CHE t-shirt and spilled on it, and I have a gallery opening today!.."
Panzer Stug III
A typical late war view of a Stug heavily camouflaged with foliage to hide it from enemy ground attack planes and carrying a piece of wood to be placed under the tracks if it got stuck in soft ground.
Not my people
Not my war

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