Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Oh boy, not just one but TWO masters of modern film making died yesterday, both Bergman and Antonioni!

Well, coming from the land of Lars Von Trier I've simply had my fill of Art house cinema, I think it goes down best with people who have unlimited resources of time on their hands and direct access to vacant cafe tables - Needed for discussing what actually goes on in the films...

John Martin Feeney - Now there's a filmmaker!

What's up at YouTube: Do a search with the words Antonioni or Bergman...
Retro babe"...ok, you're hired too..."
Flieger Junkers JU88-G
A night fighter version of the Ju88 with radar (the tentacles on the nose are the antennas) abandoned on a Danish airfield in 1945.
Not my people
Not my war, either

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