Monday, July 30, 2007


Well, got to get back at it, right...
and what better way to start than to note that the Danish military commitment in Iraq has come to an end and the majority of Danish troops have been pulled out as of late July.

Kindly recapture why it says "Not my war" at the bottom of every posting here and then demand that I remove this line of text from now on - Because Denmark is out of Iraq, right? and you have to keep your word, right?

But, Denmark has agreed to continue to fight global terrorism in Afghanistan, so from now on it will say at the bottom of each daily posting:

"Not my war, either"

But, Lennard don't you want to stop those nasty, fanatic, hate full Taliban terrorists?...

I do.

And some breaking news: Ingmar Bergman dies, age 89
Retro babe"...ok, ok - You're hired!.."
Flieger Focke Wulf FW190
Tryin something new, planes instead of panzers.
Not my people
Not my war, either

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