Friday, August 31, 2007


Aedelbert Krimschild, PhD.

I once met a renowned Danish philosopher.

I was with a group of spoiled proto-Nazis - Students, who used him as a sort of mentor.

He always expressed delight when he saw me, often praising my works of art and views on various matters.

Unfortunately, the real reason for this had nothing to do with me... but was due to the fact that the other members of the group would spend hours with him discussing the contents of his writings, I (obviously) wasn't a part of the intellectual elite he was accustomed too.

This provided some sort of outlet for him, I think, because praising me was an easy way for him to irritate the leader of our group, let's call him Diek Heth, a very intelligent and ambitious man who would use parts of the philosopher's philosophy in his own works of art.

One day, the philosopher invited me to play that game of choice for the macho intellectual: Chess... a game I've never mastered - I lack the aggressive spirit, the overview, and I never learned the clever moves you make at the beginning of a game to put you in a good position.

Still, hanging out with the group was often quite boring, so I agreed.

At a point I'm a bit lost about my next move and the philosopher (who had the demeanor of a gentleman from a more chivalrous age) kindly suggests a move I could try out.

I make the move, he makes his,

- And I'm mate...

which of course was what he had anticipated.

A great philosopher, no doubt.

Retro babe"...this is not porn...this is a situationist statement about consumerism and gender..."
Panzer Pzkpfw I and II
Some strange antennae seems to be attached to the Panzer I (right)
Judging from the white crosses these panzers were destroyed during the Battle of Poland.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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