Friday, August 10, 2007



While we waiteth (and waiteth, and waiteth...) for the next installment of Eightball there's time to enyoy these fine interviews with Writer/cartoonist Daniel Clowes

-From The BBC show "The Secret of Drawing" Interview (QuickTime video)
From very nice blog Audium

-And then there's a San Francisco Bay Guardian interview

(Here,I detect the slightest hint that Clowes is actually working on the next issue of Eightball, but maybe I'm just seeing things...)

Yes, I can't hide my true feelings any more: I want to read Eightball!

Retro babe"...where do you turn off the "old photo" filter? I have to go back to the car and I can't see a thing !.."
Flieger Heinkel He 177
Abandoned on a Danish airfield, 1945. The He 177 was the Luftwaffe's only (and unsuccessful) attempt at fielding a four-engine long-range bomber. One of the major problems with the He 177 was frequent engine fires, making the Luftwaffe crews nickname it "Cigarette lighter" or "one-way bomber". This was mainly caused by the two engines on each side being coupled together and driving through one propeller, a design peculiarity related to the original requirement that the 31 tonne airplane could also be used as a dive bomber! A final version (the He 277) had the engines separated and fitted with individual propellers, but only a few prototypes were built before the war ended. In the later part of WWII the He 177s were mainly used for long range naval reconnaissance which might explain why this one ended up in Denmark.
(unfortunately)Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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