Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Despite the practise of referring to Denmark's recent occupation duties in Iraq as "the job" or "our assignment", plus the general conception among Danes that since we are the nicest people in the world everything we do, we do in a nice way... The Danish government is displeased by the fact that many Danes feel uncomfortable about sending Danish soldiers into war after we've discovered that they will actually get hurt or killed.

The government response is: "...we must be better at explaining to the Danes what war is about..."

True, and a place to start could be Project Facade documenting the pioneering reconstructive surgery performed on WWI veterans who had survived the war with severe facial injuries
(very graphic images on this site)

Brilliant isn't it? first some advanced technology blows you to pieces and then another advanced technology puts you back together again!

make em' dance, make em' dance...
Retro babe"...forget it, honey, you're NOT borrowing my Billy Ray Cyrus collection..."
Flieger Me 262
An example of the brilliant aviation art by Mark Postlethwaite
Not my people
Not my war, either

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