Monday, August 06, 2007



Found this great collection of work by Danish cartoonist Herluf Bidstrup 1912-88

Bidstrup worked mainly for the Social Democrat and Communist press in Denmark and later became hugely successful in the Eastern Bloc, I remember buying a thick book of his cartoons when I visited China back in the nineties.
His work is a mixture of clever and timeless reflections on life and humanity, satire aimed at Capitalism, militarism and imperialism, and a complete absence of any kind of criticism of the communist world.
Retro babe"...we should eat out more often at the office..."
Flieger Me 262
This Me 262 was delivered to its unit unpainted, not uncommon in the last months of WWII. After the war it was taken to the US for research and evaluation.
Not my people
Not my war, either

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