Thursday, August 02, 2007


Some time ago I posted a link to the Danish language Free Iraq blog run by Carsten Kofoed, one of my co workers at the Copenhagen mail center. Apparently Carsten Kofoed is well known by people on the right wing blogosphere in Denmark as you can read about at where he is often bashed for his postings on the blog and his views in general.
A recent survey claims that the majority of Danish blogs have a right wing point of view.

Well, Lennard, what about YOU and this blog?..

I'm a Existentialist sceptic, atheist, democratic socialist and: "butt-man"

I believe in a rationalistic view of the world based on Natural science, I believe that Representative democracy is the best form of government, and I believe in the motivating power of free enterprise. I believe the state should handle fundamental necessities like health care, education, housing and the infrastructure, all of it funded by taxes, the remainder of the economy should be a free for all (including darkies from cultures we happen to not like)
I believe this creates a generally stable and just society which I believe is the best safeguard against war and the best way to generate wealth.

Alright, my two cents are spent, please go back to killing for religion and money again.

Retro babe"...naked breasts! what a cool fashion idea, honey!"
Flieger Arado 234 "Blitz"
World's first operational jet bomber.
Not my people
Not my war, either

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