Wednesday, August 22, 2007


President George H.W. Bush by Ronald N. Sherr

Hey, It's beginning to look like another "art week" here at Don't ask... how about the glory of conservative Art:

I especially like the story of how John Howard Sanden learned to draw, find it at My gallery of heroes about anal control... you'd better pass me that book on Fluxus performance art or the one with Bulgarian video artists of the seventies.

Except...I don't care too much for that either...

Retro babe"...Titties? I'd better sleep on the bunk next to the latrine..."
Panzer Sdkfz 231 (6 rad)
Apart from the early panzer berets these crewmen also seems to be wearing tan Luftwaffe pilots smocks?..
Also note the early white crosses used during the attack on Poland, changed after this campaign since they proved too excellent for aiming Polish guns. Some German crews would smear mud on the crosses to dampen the effect.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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