Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Painting seen at Christiania

No more socialism!

My newspaper informs me that recent scientific research has proved that socialists are more sour and displeased with life than non-socialists!

Thus, I am no longer a Socialist.

Which means that when having conversations I do NOT have to defend the following:
The Soviet Union, the writings of Karl Marx, The GDR, Stalin, Lenin, The Gulags, North Korea, bad dental hygiene, Eastern Europe's complete lack of charting pop musicians, uncool commodities and fashion, Five year plans, the Lada, the Trabant, etc, etc.

According to the researchers, the generally unhappy state of the Socialist stems form a disbelief in their (presumably non-socialist) governments, the economy, the state of world affairs, etc, etc,
Basically a socialist sees life as the result of a lack of fair distribution of wealth and possibilities, while the NON-socialist has trust in the government and civil services, sees the economy as a well-functioning system and believes that life basically treats you just and fair if you are prepared to work hard and believe in yourself and what you are doing.

Ahh, what a relief! I can now relax and begin to enjoy life as a firm believer in the natural order of things:


Retro babe"...Hi, Lennard - We heard you're not a socialist any more so now we want to have lots of sex with you!..."
Panzer Pzkpfw III
Loading ammo into a Panzer III, note the patchy application of the whitewash used for winter camouflage suggesting the photo was taken in Russia during the winter of 1941-42. Also note the sheepskin west worn by the crewman on the right. Often locally made they were very popular on the eastern front.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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