Monday, October 15, 2007


George Lucas' THX1138

Last week Danish politicians from both the Right and Left announced that it's A-O-K for the Danish military involved in The War Against Third World Civilians to use information gathered from prisoners submitted to torture (as long as the torturers weren't Danish...) and later The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Ritt Bjerregaard (A Social-Democrat), announced that she is willing to negotiate with the young supporters of a new Ungdomshuset - Because they have proven that they can demonstrate without violence...

Got that, kids? - It's OK for the government to rely on violence - that's called protecting democracy, but if the citizens act violently - Then they "..exclude themselves from the democratic process.."

But, Lennard, don't you want to sleep safely in your bed at night, protected against armed terrorists and violent criminals by the Army and the Police!

I do, but who protects me against the violent Army and the criminal Police?..

Retro babe"...Not now, Mrs. McNamara, we've got to install RealPlayer Gold Pro on all the computers..."
Panzer Sdkfz 223
This early armoured car was made mainly for radio communication, the large "bedstead" above the hull is the aerial.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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