Monday, November 26, 2007


Believe it or not but the Danish film industry produced a western comedy (there was even a sequel)

Read about (in Danish) the Danish illustrator Aage Lundvald, 1908-83, the creator of countless film posters and other illustrations.

When I was a kid he was simply "Mr.Film poster" and I think his leggy babes did something to my budging teenage sexuality...

Thanks to the Internet I now know this great man's name!

Retro babe That special time in a relationship: The David Lynch moment.
Panzer Sturmgeschütz III
Some crewmen of a Stug unit. Note that they all wear different uniforms, man on the left wears the reed green denim fatigue jacket, man in center the field grey panzer wrapper, and man on the right the standard field grey army tunic.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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