Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Election day coming up in a week and I simply don't know who to vote for?

My choices being:

Venstre - The ruling political party for the past five years, formerly it was the farmers and young liberalists party but today you could call them "The Center Populists" but if you like making and spending money and are completely fed up with the saggy bottomed attitude of the Danish left wing, this might be the party for you...

as opposed to:

The Social Democrats - This party ruled Denmark for most of the industrial age but since that age has ended it should be placed in a museum, mainly because most of their core-voters now vote for:

The Danish People's Party - Denmark's own proto-nazis! basically they are displeased with everything because most of them are fat, ugly, untalented and stupid (except the nationalistic zealots running the party) - and what better way to handle that than to blame everything on virtually defenseless people like ethnic minorities and refugees?


The New Alliance - Headed by Palestinian immigrant Naser Khader this party has been criticized for representing the creative elite, people who are slim, good-looking, talented, clever - and in the media! they are also very interested in being the present governments new partners instead of those idiotic louts in the Danish People's Party...and your politics: - Never mind that, we're cool anyway!

Socialist People's Party - Yes the "Aging hippies with money and school-teacher's party" has a growing following, much of it owed to the "empathic macho" appeal of chairman Villy Søvndal, if you want people who can spend government funds without bothering where to get them, Villy's your man!

Apart from that we have the Successful artist's and University Professor's Party: The Radical Left, but they are to boring to make fun at, plus a few other minorities like The Conservative Party, The Christian Democrats and The Unity List - Every modern western democracy has to have a Conservative party for the really rich, and some Christian Democrats for people living in the provinces.

The Unity List collects left-wing extremists who pass their entire political career without having any real influence, which means they don't have to be responsible for anything... let's call it "The Utopian Sociology Students Party"

Recently a number of its founding members actually left the party because of the head-scarf wearing female Muslim candidate Asmaa Abdol-Hamid who defines herself as a Muslim Feminist, refuses to shake hands with men, and have made some controversial remarks about Sharia law and homosexuals - way too much for the hardcore Marxists who founded the party and secured it a marginal position in Danish politics for years.

And most of these parties have of course voted in favour of the Danish collaboration in The War for Secure Pipe Lines Running Westwards

Maybe I should just stay at home...

(drum whirls)

Retro babe"...yes, lovely legs, Mrs.Rommel, but we have a lot of work to do sending trains to this small place in Poland, for some odd reason they have tons and tons of used shoes, clothing and human hair..."
Panzer Sturmgeschuetz III, Ausf G
Must be the whole battery posing for a photograph, with the commanding officer sitting on the gun barrel.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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