Monday, January 28, 2008


With the renewed interest in Joy Division and their music why not plunge into the precious waters of "that special Joy Division moment"

The Ghost of Ian Curtis.

Sitting late in my room some winter's night back in the eighties (looking back, those winters seems so much colder and darker than today's..) I was visited by the ghost of Ian Curtis.

Well, of course not.

Because I don't believe in the supernatural.

So there wasn't REALLY anyone else in the room except me and the music of Joy Division. But somehow the intensity of the music (the nakedness of Curtis voice and the "dryness" of the music's sound) and the setting (winter, night, darkness, coldness), had merged...
and put me in a state where, for a brief moment, I felt as if he was actually there in the room with me.

What I believe happened was that my state of mind had closely resembled the state of mind present when the music was recorded.

In a sense, a space, or more accurately a sort of metaphysical "room" was created where you could enter and spend time if you were in, or close to, that state of mind.

Weird, but kind of cool too.

(and NO, pessimists out there - This was BEFORE I started smoking that stuff...)

Retro babe"...Oh, a new intern...what happened to that Monica girl?.."
Panzer Pzkpfw II, Ausf B
A nice amateur shot taken during the invasion of France, 1940.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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