Friday, February 15, 2008


Frederikssundsvejens Skole

The Saga of ungdomshuset continues.

An unused school in the northern district of Copenhagen has been offered as the place for a new Ungdomshuset.

A public meeting was held gathering the school's neighbors many of whom were strongly opposed to the idea.

The arguments have been "We don't want those brick-throwing maniacs" (fair enough) and, "...they plan to play six or seven punk concerts a month, we can't stand that noise.." (fair enough again, but not that open minded..) and finally "...the presence of a new Ungdomshus will decrease the value of our apartments..." how do you change a city of laid back, semi-socialist saggy pants talking solidarity over a bottle of Carlsberg on one of the numerous Danish holidays into Zealots of Blue (liberal) Communism?

You make them rich!

By converting their rented apartments into private property!

By providing jobs for them so they learn how to work and consume!

Then they’ll THINK liberalism!

...make 'em dance, make 'em dance...

(And just for the record: The Danish Left Wing talking bollocks for thirty years about the unlikely blessings of The Soviet Union, Chairman Mao, The RAF, The Spanish Civil War, Che Guevara, The PLO, etc, etc, etc, and infiltrating many grassroots initiatives in Copenhagen so they could serve the Revolution©™ (of their own EGO) has helped a lot too...)

Retro babe Stripper Sue Travis
Panzer Pzkpfw III & IV
Note the early panzer beret being worn in the first photo and the mixture of black and field grey caps in the second.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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