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Ideology day here at DAMIJWH, this time with:

Sayyid Qutb, 1906-1966 - The father of Islamism.

An Egyptian, Qutb received first a Muslim education as a child (at age 10 he had memorized the Koran) and later on a western education in order to work for the Egyptian Ministry of Education. In an age of social and political upheaval in his native country and throughout the Muslim world, he started out as a secular intellectual, writer, and critic but eventually believed that only a return to the original practices of Islam (as performed during the age of Muhammad) held a future for all of mankind. As Qutb saw it the world had used up the great creativity and momentum of Europe and the West (whose scientific and technological advances he acknowledged) and the materialist ideologies of socialism, communism, capitalism, fascism or nationalism had only succeeded in alienating man from the guidance of God.

A stay at the University in Greeley, Colorado 1948-51 left him very displeased with American society which he found thoroughly materialistic, racist, and without morale.

Back in Egypt, a leading position with the radical Muslim Brotherhood group led first to his arrest and later his execution by the government.

While in jail he wrote extensively and his views were assembled in the 150 page Milestones and his final work, the thirty volume "In the shade of the Quran"

Many observers see Qutb as the chief ideologist of Islamism and some have even referred to his writings as "the handbooks of Jihad"

(For further reading you can download Milestones as a PDF here)
Retro babe - Muslim style today
Panzer Sdkfz 221
A pre-war photo from the barracks of an SS unit.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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