Friday, February 29, 2008


No more politics.

Islam and Denmark - What do I know? and what can I do if Denmark keeps moving to the right (correction: SOME DANES, BUT NOT ALL) or if radical Muslims blow the whole place up before we run out of printing inks.

I'll agree that my posting regarding Hizb-ut-Tahrir was off the mark. Obviously they are a very radical group, operating within a general radicalization of the public space and debate regarding Islam and (SOME) Muslims in Denmark.

Let them pose threaths under black banners, and let the Police keep violating our system of justice and the Danish People's Party keep spitting poison.

Have your clash of civilizations - we're running out of oil anyway so you'll have to fight each other with sticks and stones...

At my two jobs I have colleagues who are Muslims, both men and women , some of them have stories to tell, questions, grievances. Maybe they should start blogs on these issues, not me.

I'm out of this game.

Peace and respect, it's the only way.

(And I'll be voting for the Danish Hemp Party come election time)


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