Monday, February 11, 2008


I've been subscribing to the Danish People's Party newsletter for some time.

Officially the author is the party leader, Pia Kjærsgaard and it's usually a very articulate presentation of ghostwritten hatefulness, proto-fascism and fake "the plain talk and good sense of the common man"

This time round the newsletter takes on the DR (Danish national broadcast corporation) because they have investigated into some illegal exclusion of party members who were critical of the often dictatorial leadership of the DPP.

The letter ends with this:

"...The Danish Radio should not be at war with the people, it belongs to the people. The Danish Radio should reflect Denmark as it is and not what a bunch of cultural radicals think it should be..."

Spot on, Pia! And that's what stupid cultural radicals and utopian dreamers (like me) have to finally understand. All that crap about socialist utopias, modern art and culture, pluralist multicultural societies, etc, etc, that was just us sticking our own heads up in the sky, or more accurately: Way up our arses!

We didn't realise that what we saw through our pink-tinted spectacles was how we wanted Denmark to be!

Instead we should have directed our attention to The Danish People's Party because,

That's the way Denmark really is.

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