Wednesday, February 27, 2008


JMB at the Brooklyn Museum

Dug out the old Basquiat movie by Julian Schnabel from my box full of VHS movies I never watch.

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-87) was one of the reasons I picked up painting back in the late eighties.
I was very interested in the narrative thing going on in his paintings (it reminded me of the structure in comic books), coupled with the savage pre-teen style of his imagery, and thought to myself:

Hey - Painting can be fun!

On top of that there was the obvious glamour of a down-and-out street kid who ended up tucking bags filled with dollar bills under his bed, dressed in paint smeared Armani and self destructed on drugs while rubbing shoulders with Andy Warhol in trendy New York galleries

- Rock n' Roll!

After that came Jeff Koons.

And I got an education (and a job)

(Drum whirl)

Retro babe...No, honey, I really do mean: "What's for supper" - I'm famished!..
Panzer Marder III, SdKfz 139
This Panzerjäger Marder was created by taking a Russian 76,2 mm Anti Tank gun (these were captured in large numbers during the early part of the Russian campaign) and mounting it on the Pzkpfw 38(t) chassis (also captured in large numbers after the invasion of Czechoslovakia)
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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