Monday, February 18, 2008

Well, the "blog vacation" is off, so here goes...

Well, what's your opinion- doctor?..

My opinion?!?! there's no need for opinions here, nurse Hildesheimer - This man is a clear-cut case of SEVERE BLOGITIS!

Ah, "blogging-fever" what do you recommend?..a vacation?

VACATION?!! - This man is a COMPLETE ADDICT if you take his "drug" away from him he'll be roaming the streets screaming for an internet connection and a keyboard!

But what do we do then - Terminate him and sue his ISP?..

NO, nurse Hildesheimer - We put him on a twelve-step program at a rehab facility run by my brother-in-law,

And that will cure him?..

Why, hell no! - But after three months of carbonated enemas, the company of screaming lunatics and a diet of cottage cheese and Dr.pepper's - He'll do anything to be back at the desktop!

Alright, Doctor, I'll fill out the forms and send him on his way...

Ah, but nurse...if he agrees to go quietly back to the blog and just keep going we can skip it...

Alright, I'll tell him when he wakes up,

Another sad ass'ed loser saved by science!..

Well, it's lunchtime, Doctor - Will you be needing anything ?..

Like your delicate hands massaging my throbbing love-pump before you eagerly inset in into your abiding orifices?...

I was thinking of something from the cafeteria!..

Oh, - Bring me a Hershey and five grams of Heroin...

(commercial break)

Retro babe"...Well, now we can get on with that ID card of yours, nurse Hildesheimer - you know portraits have to be done in the nude, right?.."
Panzer Sdkfz 251, Ausf B
A burned out 251 destroyed during the battle of France, 1940. Note the stone city sign put under the chassis as support. Unconsciously it is a very distinctive way of showing who the new masters are.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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