Tuesday, April 29, 2008


3D rendition of ancient Olympia by Osmosis solutions

Saw a demonstration yesterday at Town Hall Square here in Copenhagen, it was in support of the People's Republic of China and the Olympics... Lot's of national flags and Chinese people.

You see more and more of this (in my opinion) bogus "...the people take it to the streets..." it's just a show for World Wide Cameras in my opinion. A government (or a business) pay some people to show up with banners and the TV crews are there on the spot (phoned in advance, of course)

It's good television, it can be photographed and edited to look like the real thing, like the big anti-war demonstrations from the 60's, workers protests from the 30´s, and be made to look like thousands of people are demonstrating and not just a handful..

I think it's just more bogus manipulation .

Same thing with all this "artist expelled from exhibition" or "art exhibition closed for fear of terrorism..." some of these guys are just on somebody's payroll, using the idea of "freedom of speech" and "artistic freedom" to manipulate public opinion and make way for more surveillance cameras and anti-terrorist legislation.

Hey, one of the basic definitions of being an individual is: Freedom of choice!

but what if that choice is so manipulated as it often is today?...where's the freedom?...

and what about the things you are offered to choose from? - Sixteen brands of toilet paper all coming from the same five slave factories in the third world? democracy in the USA, supposedly the world promoter of democracy, offer voters TWO political parties to choose from (and only 64% care to vote...)

Same thing in most other countries: Two large parties who are either in or or out of Government and a few extremist parties to give the whole thing some colour in the media... and what are the political differences between "the Left" and "the Right"anyway these days?..

Where does choice come in if choosing makes up for the same outcome?...

Well, back to the Olympics... but who cares about them anyway?.. sports are mainly a proto-fascist ritual of power worship and sado-masochism and the Olympics just another way of promoting products and selling TV advertising space.

Go for a walk instead, says I.

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