Wednesday, April 09, 2008


You can't enter a poster, frames and art shop anywhere in Denmark without being offered the creations of Poul Pava

His work is basically endless variations over the same "children's drawing" - style circular face with two large eyes, but these are marketed both as original paintings, postcards, and canvas prints delivered in a variety of sizes enabling you to find exactly the one fitting your white, sawdust-wallpaper covered walls.

A triumphant marriage between Modern Art, the democracy of consumerism, and market capitalism.

Retro babe "...milk?..."
Panzer Sturmgeshütz III, Ausf C
A good example of how difficult it can be to decipher colour from a black and white photo. A Stug Ausf C would be produced before the German Wehrmacht switched from painting its equipment dunkelgrau (a dark grey) to Dunkelgelb (a sandy yellow) mening that this stug should be overall dark grey. Still, it seems to be painted with a light colour (which could be the sandy yellow) but since dried mud and road dust could greatly alter the appearance of fighting vehicles (and were often used as makeshift camouflage) it is simply hard to tell what colour this stug really is.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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