Thursday, May 01, 2008


Get your flags and other rebellious paraphernalia at

International Workers Day today, and since my employment file at the Danish mail services clearly state that I am a "post worker" I must be BEYOND such trifle matters like meeting with thousands of colleagues to demonstrate our strength and unity!

Strength and unity... where do you find that today?..

Instead, I go to my OTHER job, where I (sort of) belong to the body of teachers, but I'm employed and paid as a technician...

And then there's my academic education and the modern tradition of the artiste as a free and classless individual...

Where DO I fit in???..

But hey, Lennard - The class society doesn't exist any more!

Socialism doesn't work!

Marx and Engels were wrong!

Workers intenationalism...PFFTTTTT!

It's all about race, culture, religion and nationality, not?..

(and it makes it a lot easier to pitch people against each other in wars too...)

Retro babe"...hey, stop that! Sex before demos destroys the revolutionary zeal!..."
Panzer Marder II
It's funny how many of the fighting vehicles of WWII were in fact quite small and would probably seem almost comical on todays battlefields.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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