Friday, May 30, 2008


Not that I'm getting back into political stuff on this blog but I read an interesting comment by comedian Omar Marzouk about the Danish People's Party's latest media pseudo-event - The Muslim judges scare.

The DF wanted to ban female Muslim judges from wearing scarves in Danish court rooms (NOTE: There are currently NO female Muslim judges working in Denmark...) and they placed ads in Danish newspapers showing a judge in a courtroom - hammer in hand - wearing a burka...

Marzouk's comment was that he actually loves the DF because they always make him laugh, especially with the musilm judge ads because a muslim woman who was othodox enough to wear a burka would never be able to work as a judge... since she would not be allowed to be alone in a room with strange men (men not of her own family)

Retro babe (Don't look if you are a religious person, this woman might have been in the company of strange men...)
Panzer Pakpfw IV, Ausf G
A group of panzer IV's being serviced during winter.
With the introduction of the "long barreled" panzer IV from late 1942, some much needed firepower was added to the panzerwaffe which had previously favoured speed and mobility over armour and armament for their Blitzkrieg strategy.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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