Wednesday, May 28, 2008


SONY headquarters, Denmark. A nice modern building...spacious and bright...filled with SONY's state of the art flat screens...attractive receptionists...friendly staff.

I'm attending a two hour talk by SONY sales people on the subject of digital signage

My name tag clearly states : Lennard Grahn, The Academy of fine arts.

The other attendees come from media businesses, TV2 news, investment companies and other branches of SONY corp.

The talk begins, the atmosphere is friendly, relaxed, the surroundings pleasant, the talker presents a case story from a Bank in Jutland which has successfully used the product, a well planned PowerPoint presentation whizzes across the video screen... talk..positive costumers...

I am pleased, I feel good , although I'm clearly under dressed, alienated and socially stunned when compared to these "movers and shakers" of the media world...I dare to speak...

"...Hello, I'm Lennard Grahn from the art academy, and I was wondering if you have ever considered using creative content with this type of technology..."

I hear the sighs coming from a few of the other people in the room...almost undetectable..and then I realise:

I blew it...

Today EVERYBODY is creative,

not just "artistes"

Back to square one (and the train station, I don't drive...)

Retro babe"...great! you can stay properly dressed and still get a nice tan on those bumcheeks!..."
Panzer Bergehetzer
A very rare photo of the recovery version of the Panzerjäger 38 (t), abandoned somewhere on the Eastern front. The Bergehetzer usually had a small winch and crane attached for recovering disabled Hetzers and other light AFV's.
(unfortunately) Also my people
(regrettably) Also my war

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