Monday, August 18, 2008


Taking my bicycle out for a long ride Saturday, I am puzzled by encounters of spontaneous communication coming form people I meet on my way...

Normally the good citizens of the greater Copenhagen area respond with indifference to my presence as it is my aim in life to be inconspicuous when I'm with the general public and it is their aim in life to ignore anyone they are not related to or know from work (and since my complexion is fair and you can't tell I have an education, I do not contract direct hatred)

Episode one: Riding through a ghett... sorry - Residential area, I pass by two male teenagers at a bus stop. They follow me with their they are studying me ...I overhear one of them saying "...but, he's wearing a workman's shirt..." (I'm wearing a blue workman's shirt I got from the mail center - Saves wear on my "good" clothes...)

I don't understand what they're talking about..and why the scrutinizing stare?...I'm dressed as I am most days during summer: Black shorts, blue shirt, white sneakers, brownish-grey baseball cap. A pretty plain outfit I'd say...

Episode Two: This happens a few hundred meters further down the street, a guy I'd describe as a Copenhagen "toughster" - The type you'd find in bars on the outer rims of Copenhagen...slim build, trainers, and a thick silver chain around the neck with a "Thor's hammer" suspended from it - Popular jewellery with a certain type here in Denmark. This man does not give me the expected unpleasant stare for appearing within thirty-five square kilometers of his "turf" but instead addresses me cheerfully, saying: "...well, you've got the wind up your back, eh!..."

", that's right!.." I reply, trying to return some of the unexpected positive energy being hurled at me, but understanding nothing...

I move the last encounter a few miles closer to central Copenhagen where a seriously overweight gentleman, stripped completely to the waist raises his bottle of Tuborg in my direction and cries out "CHEEEERS!"

" wonderful!.." I answer him back and hurry further down the road...

WHAT is it???..did Denmark just win five gold medals at the Beijing Olympics...or is it because the weather is warm and sunny?..why this friendly attitude coming from complete strangers???

I return home, open a newspaper, and realise: Saturday was GAY PRIDE DAY in Copenhagen...

the two teenagers were discussing if I was GAY or not, the argument perhaps being that since I wore a workman's shirt I probably wasn't... the men greeting me cheerfully were most likely GAY MEN...filled with love for the world (and Tuborg-Carlsberg) on this, the annual day of GAY celebration...

Well, if the world smiles at you, smile back I guess...and it's a good thing I'm not homophobic.

Retro babe"...I dunno about you two...I need a really vampy look for these photos..."
Panzer Befehlspanther, Ausf G
Identifiable by the extra antenna on the turret roof and the large star-shaped antenna on the rear deck. The Befehlspanther was for use by unit commanders and had long range (up to 65 km) radio equipment installed, enabling it to communicate directly with divisional or regimental headquarters.
The "IBZ" turret numbering is an enigma, normally a command vehicle could be named I01, II02 or perhaps R01 if it was a vehicle serving with the regimental staff.


morten said...

hehehehhe. good story. some info here for our fieldtrip. havnt decided on a date yet. '

Lennard Grahn said...

That looks the acid out.