Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, as of today I'm removing the two links usually placed under each posting - The "Also my people" and "Also my war" stuff.

I no longer care if Danish soldiers go to Afghanistan or Iraq or the Moon or what ever. If some Danes believe we are actually helping other people by invading their country and shooting at them, let them have it their way.

I also no longer care if the Danish People's Party are in parliament or not - My fellow country men and women seems to love them and vote for them - Hallelujah!

Denmark is a Democracy™, the majority rules and all I can do as a citizen is raise my hand and salute, and it is your privilege, dear reader, to guess at what type of salute I'll be using,

raised right arm?

hand to the brow?

or should I simply let my middle finger express my sentiments.

Retro babe"...nice earrings..."
Panzer Panther, Ausf A
Note the rounded corner on the "schürtzen" armour plate closest to the rear end of the panzer. This was a field modification done to prevent the plate from digging into the ground and getting torn off when the vehicle traveled up a hill. Usually also done to the foremost plate. Also note the bundles of wood - "fascines" placed on the front and read deck, used for regaining traction if the panzer got bogged down.


Chris Harrach said...

Hey Lennard, I think I'd go with the middle finger. Much more to the point.

Lennard Grahn said...

Yes, and it's the salute demanding the smallest amount of physical energy making it ENERGY SAVING as well!..

all I need now is a way to make my middle finger ecological and I'll be on my way of becoming a top class Danish citizen...