Friday, August 01, 2008


Yes, we're back here at DAMIJWH, and as you can see the promised overhaul, changes, new content, etc, etc


I've changed the font of the postings and I've decided to replace the dayli pic of a panzer with a new category!

The Dayli Doodle™

Yes, you not only get a retro babe, now you also get one of my personal doodles!

But, WHY are the panzers out, Lennard?????

I guess I'm the only one nerdy enough to really care about these things and I began to dislike the contradiction between posting the Panzers and my opposition to Denmark's participation in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Panzers are machines of death and not so cool if they are driving through your village and killing your family.

Yes, Jakob Ejersbo died, and he was a friend and an inspiration and it was meaningless that he died because he was fourty years old, a very positive individual and a guy who had really "made it"...the talent was there, the fame was there, the money was there...he had the work ethics, the discipline...all he had to do was to sit down and write - Which was exactly what he did and seemed to want to do the most...and he was always full of encouragememt and genuine interest in what the people around him were doing. It's just too sad losing him like that.

I've added a link under "Blogs/ Groups" to the group on Facebook commemorating Jakob, drop by if you want to know about Jakob and his literature.

That's all for now (I managed to attract a severe pain to my lower back yesterday so I can't sit at the computer for very long)

See ya' Monday.

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