Thursday, September 04, 2008


It's my job at the mail center.

When I wake up the next day I'm a zombie, ....brain is wiped ideas for anything...least of all blogging.

But I had a funny idea involving kids,

-Most kids think the sound of farting is incredibly funny.

-Most kids think sugar tastes great.

So why not produce:

A whoopie cushion made from the same substance as winegums - The kids could eat it after they've had the fun of placing it under the seats of pacemaker wearing relatives or in their parents bed!

Just a thought, innovation is the thing of Now©™

Retro babe"...nice wallpaper..."
Panzer Sdkfz 263 Funkwagen (8 rad)
A nice shot of this specialist long range radio vehicle. Note the tactical sign of a signals unit.
(a basic list of German Army tactical signs can be found here)

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Hans said...

Blæret idé... Skulle du ikke tale med Dick Bird om markedsføringen?