Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Richard Hughes shoes

It's getting more and more artsy here at DAMIJWH...checketh out ye Danish blogger and art collector Jens-Peter Brask and his Brask Art Blog
Retro babe"...I'm buying a Honda!.."
Panzer Panther
A strange looking Panther with its turret replaced by a box shaped structure, probably some kind of test vehicle. Note the unusual Tiger I next to it, it has the late production all-steel road wheels but an early production turret with "dustbin" cupola.


Anonymous said...

sorry my english, but this panther in the picture is a bergepanther? excelent blog!!!!!! gracias y adelante

lennard grahn said...

Hello, thanks for your kind words

It is not a Bergepanther, it was believed that this was an early prototype Panther, photographed during testing in Germany.